The essence of the appeal of the Adiene Swivel Chair is its dynamic swivel design. This innovative feature not only adds a cheerful touch to the chair but also enhances its functionality.

The 360 degree swivel capability allows users to twist and turn with ease, providing a sense of freedom and flexibility. Whether used in a home office, living room or entertainment area, the swivel feature adds an interactive element to the chair, making it practical and attractive.
Comfort is at the center of attention in the design philosophy of the Adiene Swivel Chair. This chair has an ergonomic structure that supports the body in the right place.

Contoured seat and backrest provide optimal support, promote good posture and reduce fatigue during extended use. Thoughtful design ensures that the Adiene Swivel Chair is not only a stylish addition to any room but also a haven of comfort for those seeking relaxation and functionality.

Adiene Swivel Chair Comfort Design


  • The frame is made of solid mahogany wood and supported by strong wooden joints.
  • The Udine Swivel Chair sits on a 360 degree swivel base.
  • The back and seat are supported by nylon webbing for strong, resilient support.
  • Aluminum sheet with gold finish
  • Nylon gliders are attached to the base for easy movement and to prevent scratches on the floor.
  • Made from Silver Gray 100% polyester fabric. This type of fabric is durable but soft, comfortable and easy to clean.


  • Length: 100 cm
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Depth: 85 cm
  • Seat Height: 45 cm


  • You can customize the color according to what you want.
  • You can also customize the size according to your space.
  • Our Minimum Order is 1 x 20ft mixed goods container. However, there is no minimum order for our customers from Indonesia.
  • That our products are fully customizable with alternative finishing colors & sizes. Mention how you’d like to customize it during the shipping process. Prices vary according to the finish and size you choose.

How to order

You can shop online by contacting us at the number provided on the contact us page, and if you want to visit in person you can come to our address and Adiene Swivel Chair Comfort Design directly from us.

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