The Nightstand / Bedside table is one of the pieces of furniture that can be found in the bedroom

The use of a nightstand or bedside table is one of the options that is activated, but if there is one it can be very profitable because it makes it easier to place important objects such as glasses and other objects.

For those of you who are looking for a nightstand or bedside table, here are some interesting things you need to know about a nightstand or bedside table.

Definition of Nightstand Bedside Table

Nightstand Bedside Table 

The definition of a nightstand or bedside table formally is a small table that is used as a complement and its location is beside the bed.

As previously mentioned, this table is one of the pieces of furniture that you can use or not in your room. However, you need to know that this type of table also has an important role, you know!

One of the important roles of the nightstand or table next to your bed is as a place to put your things when you sleep.

For example, as previously mentioned, you are a person who uses glasses to support your daily activities, so putting your glasses on the bedside table before going to bed will make it easier for you to look for them in the morning.

Apart from that, having a nightstand will also benefit you because, with this nightstand, you can have more storage space in your bedroom. Especially if you use a bedside table with a bedside cabinet or bedside chest type.

4 types of bedside tables

In the review above, we already know that there are at least 2 types of nightstands to choose from. But in fact, as a whole, there are 4 types of this nightstand. To know more about this type of bedside table, the following is a review.

1. Bedside chest

A bedside chest or a nightstand with drawers is one of the nightstands that can be used to increase the storage space in your room as previously mentioned.

This bedside chest usually consists of 2 or 3 drawers arranged in one piece of furniture. Usually, the use of this bedside chest is to place important or essential items when going to sleep.

One example of a device that is usually stored in this type of nightstand is a TV remote, books, glasses, or other objects.

If you are a person who likes tidiness, then using this type of nightstand will be perfect for you. Because you can immediately put unwanted items into the drawer so they don’t look messy on the surface.

Apart from that, this type of nightstand is also widely used for other purposes such as storing clothes that are small in size and also underwear.

2. Bedside cabinets

A cabinet nightstand is a type of nightstand that is perfect for those of you who want a larger storage space.

Usually, the nightstand will be equipped with drawers and also a small cupboard so that it can be used to store larger items.

If you are someone who uses reading as a bedtime activity then using a nightstand can help you.

Especially if you use a cabinet with an open door, it will be easier for you to store and choose your books when you are going to read them.

3. Nightstands

At first glance, the bedside cabinet and bedside chest have a fairly similar appearance.

However, this type of nightstand is different. This type of nightstand is a nightstand that usually focuses more on appearance, not on storage, like the 2 types of nightstands previously mentioned.

However, sometimes this type of nightstand is also equipped with a small drawer to combine an attractive appearance and additional storage space in your room. Usually, this type of nightstand is the most widely used as a bedside lamp and also an alarm clock.

4. Artistic nightstand

The last type of nightstand is the artistic type of nightstand. This type of bedside table may not have a storage aspect and may also have one.

This type of nightstand is made solely to add artistic value to a room. One example of this artistic bedside table is a nightstand made of metal spokes arranged to resemble a cage.

This type of nightstand cannot be used for storage but can decorate your bedroom to make it more complete.

Types of bedside tables based on their functionality

Besides being able to be grouped into 4 types, other types of nightstands or bedside tables can also be distinguished based on their functionality.

So, when viewed from its function, the types of nightstands can be divided into 3. What are they? Here is the review.


This type of nightstand is a type of nightstand that is practically new. This type of bedside table is a type of nightstand built based on the lifestyle of today’s people who work more.

This type of nightstand is usually equipped with wheels on the legs so that it allows the nightstand to be moved as a bedside or as a work table.

Storage nightstand

As previously mentioned, basically the use of a nightstand is usually given to create additional storage space.

Therefore, this type of storage bedside table is the most commonly found type of bedside table.

Nightstand where the lamp

Another nightstand option that can be used is a nightstand where the lights are. As previously mentioned, one of the standard types of nightstands is the nightstand type.

This type of nightstand is the most widely used nightstand as a place for a night light.

Apart from the types of nightstands, there are also several types of artistic type nightstands that are used as a place to put a night light and also other equipment such as a drink holder, alarm clock, and others.

Types of bedside tables based on their style

The next type of nightstand is the type of nightstand of style or model it has. When viewed from the model, the bedside table can be divided into 4 types. This type of nightstand includes:

The nightstand opens

An open nightstand is one type of nightstand that is usually made as a storage bedside table. However, this type of nightstand does not have a lid so it can be seen as an open shelf.

This type of nightstand is perfect for those of you who want to store items that need to be searched for in a short time.

For example, if you are an avid reader and always have a book by your bed then an open nightstand is the best choice for your lifestyle.

Classic nightstand

The next type of nightstand is the classic nightstand. The classic nightstand is one of the most popular types of nightstands.

This type of classic bedside table is a nightstand made in a classic model, namely by using doors and equipped with carvings.

Besides being equipped with carvings, this type of classic bedside table can also be made using a wooden model.

The type of wood and finish it has usually depicts a traditional and vintage impression. If you want to use this type of nightstand, it would be better if you design your room with a classic and warm feel!

Artistic nightstand

The artistic bedside table is also a type of bedside table that is currently easy to find. This type of bedside table has very diverse forms, there are even types of artistic nightstands that have an appearance that may not be similar to a table.

The model of this type of Nightstand / Bedside Table is usually up to the designer. For those of you who want your room to be more unique than using this type of nightstand can help you.

Hanging nightstand

A hanging nightstand or what is known as a floating bedside table is the most widely used type of nightstand for designing a minimalist room with a bedside table.

This hanging nightstand is a type of nightstand that is attached to the wall so it doesn’t touch the floor.

This type of bedside table has advantages and disadvantages. For its advantages, the floor area becomes wider and freer so that a minimalist impression can be maximized.

However, as for the drawback, this type of hanging bedside table can be called quite fragile and cannot be used to store items that are too heavy, such as a large night lamp.

Common materials used to make bedside tables

Now that we know the types of nightstands, we now look at the types of nightstands in terms of the materials used in their manufacture.

What are the types of nightstands from the materials used in their manufacture? The following is the review.

Wood side table

One type of material or material that is commonly found to make nightstands. There are many types of wood used for making nightstands. From strong wood such as teak to artificial wood made using sawdust or plywood.

If the wood material used to make this nightstand is real wood, then the type of nightstand model that can be found is a nightstand that has a classic style or minimalist style. Yes, wood can also be made into a minimalist nightstand if the design used is right.

Metal material

The next material that is no less found for bedside tables is metal. Metal material is one type of material that is quite popular for making nightstands. This material can be used to make a nightstand with a minimalist model and a classy model.

The metal material can be made as a nightstand frame or even a nightstand with an open model. Or you can also choose a metal nightstand, the walls of which are made of metal, which glisten and reflect shadows if you really want to have a nightstand that looks luxurious.


A nightstand made of cloth is the next nightstand which is suitable for rooms with a luxurious impression. A cloth nightstand is a nightstand made with cloth and cork so that it is practically similar to a chair or sofa.

This type of nightstand is perfect for those of you who want to complement your luxurious bedroom. However, this type of nightstand will be more suitable for use in rooms that have large sizes. The reason is that this type of nightstand has a bulky impression so if it is placed in a narrow room it will make the room feel even more cramped.

To present a luxurious impression, other furniture in your room must also support it, for example, thick and layered mattresses, thick and luxurious curtains, and other supporting furniture.

Glass material

If you want to use a nightstand in your narrow bedroom, then using a nightstand made of cloth should be avoided and replaced with a nightstand made of glass. A nightstand made of glass is the most suitable type of nightstand for rooms with a fairly small size.

This is because this type of glass nightstand that looks transparent will make your room not look cramped because it is as if there is no nightstand next to your bed. The design of this glass material is usually also minimalist so it doesn’t add to the volume of items in your room.

However, you need to know that this type of nightstand made of glass is usually not equipped with a storage area, so with this glass bedside table, you will only get an additional surface to place important items.

An important aspect in the selection of bedside tables

To choose a nightstand that you will use for your bed, you can choose one of the many types of nightstands that you find on the market. However, when you are going to choose a bedside table, make sure you also check several important aspects of selecting a bedside table as below.

1.Scale the size

The scale is the comparison between the nightstand you are going to buy and the area of ​​your room. When you are going to buy a nightstand, make sure this comparison scale is balanced enough so that your nightstand doesn’t seem too big to stand out.

In addition to making the appearance more balanced, choosing a nightstand based on the scale is also very important when you have a fairly narrow room. If your bedroom is narrow enough, using a nightstand that is too big will make your room look cramped and less comfortable to live in.

2.The height of the nightstand

The height of the nightstand is also one thing that is no less important to note. A nightstand that is too tall can feel uncomfortable. As previously mentioned, a nightstand provides an additional surface next to your bed to place your essentials.

If the size of the nightstand is too high, it will be difficult for you to find the items you need. In addition, when you sleep, a higher nightstand can also potentially make you stumble on the nightstand while sleeping. Pretty dangerous right?

3.Storage availability

Well, this aspect is actually tailored to your needs. However, usually, the use of a nightstand is indeed used to increase the storage area in the room so usually, the nightstand chosen is a nightstand that has drawers.

Nightstand also has many models as previously mentioned. This model can be customized according to your needs and desires. Also, pay attention to limitations such as the size of the room and also about your bedroom design concept so that the bedside model you choose can complement the bedroom design concept you have built.

So that’s the review about the Nightstand / Bedside Table that we can provide, I hope this review can help you to determine the best nightstand for your bedroom.

Final Tips for Choosing a Side Table

Whether you’re looking for a bedside table to go with your modern home, or you like a touch of fun retro decor, you’re going to fall in love with the modern nightstands we offer at PT. Arif Furniture Jepara.

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The nightstand or bedside table is a complement to the bedroom which is usually used as an accessory in the bedroom.

Apart from being used to put bedtime items such as books, a night light to a glass of water, a bedside table also provides an interesting accent in your bedroom Make the bedroom feel more luxurious and comfortable with this table.

You need to know, the Side Table is also an important thing in the living room because its function can be placed next to a sofa chair or lounge chair.

There are many models of this side table that you can choose from, namely minimalist, retro, classic, and modern models that have the best quality.

Choosing a Bedside Table Model That Is Suitable For The Room

One of the important things before you decide to buy a bedside table from PT. Arif Furniture Jepara, please choose a model that suits the interior design of your bedroom or living room.

Combine the available furniture styles in your space with the appropriate side table model. Don’t forget to also choose the right finishing color and material for this bedside table.

You need to know, we made this Minimalist Nightstand made of the best teak and mahogany wood. Of course, very strong and durable for decades. Choose according to your wishes.

Are you looking for a quality Bedside Table? Here we offer you a nightstand model that is right for your room.

Please select a Side Table below that matches your interior space design. If you are confused about choosing the bedside table model below, please consult with the team.

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