The Furniture Housing

There are several philosophies that say, if the house is not just a building to live in, the house has a deeper meaning.

They interpret home as something that can create comfort, warmth, and happiness in the heart. That’s how Grandma was born. Since 2012, we have made furniture with all our heart that is made as well as possible to support people’s comfort at home. By only using selected materials to maintain our quality.

Our company produces various kinds of luxury minimalist furniture with the best quality and reliability. Some of the furniture we produce includes bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, industrial, and so on.

Company Profile Furniture Housing


We are dedicated to offering world-class quality furniture products with high-quality materials obtained from natural resources in Indonesia. We have developed into a trusted furniture business organization that continues to grow with credible services.


We strive to be the main market for furniture made in Indonesia at home and abroad
We develop and manufacture the best quality furniture at low prices for retailers around the world.

Adjustment is a key element of success

Furniture is sold mainly to wholesalers, which means it is necessary to order a minimum number of items.

In line with export activities, Akhmad Syarifuddin adapted and created Furniture Housing a subsidiary of PT. Arif Furniture Jepara is a modern furniture brand for the lower middle class or known as President Jokowi (People). In 2015, Akhmad Syarifuddin decided to open the market online, there is no minimum order; the same product is offered to wholesalers, and we always have ready stock ”.

Akhmad Syarifuddin is mainly responsible for the production and design of the collection, his experience in various companies has allowed him to acquire a lot of skills in this area. Finished products are made in Jepara, and some of the raw materials come from Blora, Indonesia,

Furniture Wood Raw Materials

We use a lot of teak and mahogany as raw materials for making furniture and our other products. The material we use is quality Blora wood, Indonesian Perum Perhutani. In order to get maximum product results, and quality and maintain its durability. So you get the best furniture that makes you proud to have it.

Cheap Prices Not Cheap

Cheap prices are synonymous with cheap goods. It’s not certain that we actually understand buyers with various choices depending on demand. The price on our website is the final price (non-shipping), and you can modify it according to your request and budget. But in some superior products, we cannot make adjustments in order to maintain the quality of these products.

Cheap : This is evidenced by cutting marketing distribution channels. Because your order directly at the workshop, not in the showroom online or offline. This means that the cheap price here is not that we reduce the quality of the material we use. However, cutting the distribution channels is what makes our prices cheaper.

Reasonable: The prices we offer are very reasonable according to the level of raw materials we use.

Realistic: We have a Measurable Cost & Profit Structure so that the price from the initial agreement until the goods are sent remains fixed without change. Prices may change if there is a custom order change or additional furniture accessories.

Competitive : We are in Jepara as a furniture center where most of the population work as furniture manufacturers and sellers. Of course, in determining the price, we look at the conditions of competition among furniture sellers in Jepara.

Customers Are The Most Valuable Assets

We provide the best offer to you, We are always ready if you need us. We will accept various kinds of criticism and suggestions for the sake of progress, cooperation, and mutual agreement.

Customers are our very valuable Assets & Investments, We maintain Customer Satisfaction for the sake of credibility & Trust in Our Company which will impact Repeat Orders and ongoing cooperation.