Beds are Indonesian furniture products that you can explore various cot beds from Furniture Housing which are comfortable and affordable, our collection includes queen size cot beds, which are 160 cm x 200 cm and king size, which are 180 cm x 200 cm and we accept custom sizes divan bed made of teak wood, so you are sure to find a product that you like. The teak cot bed is the most important part of the main privacy room in your home. and we know how important this furniture is, so we provide a wide selection of models to choose from, find Indonesian furniture products, the right cot bed model for the interior of the main room for your privacy. Are you looking for the highest quality furniture products? We are Teak Stores, the best quality wooden furniture solutions. We have many minimalist teak cots ranging from single, double or queen size to king size to suit every individual need, from traditional carved wooden cots to modern ones. You will also find the perfect one from minimalist style to luxury style and most importantly, comfort in resting. Choose from teak framed cots and mahogany ovens. The choice of materials used by Furniture Housing is selected wood, finishing color materials from famous brands such as propan and impra, the production process is strictly monitored so you can trust the quality.

Our cot beds are available in a choice of melamine, duco, antique and rustic colors that allow for the flexibility and style your room decor requires. If you need a teak wood furniture package at a low price for your home, we have a variety of bedroom furniture sets, wardrobe tables and vanity mirrors for your main room in a set package to suit your needs, from divans, beds, dressing tables, wardrobes, nightstands and drawers to match as well as if you want to add a new collection to your home bedroom furniture collection. see the complete product catalog price list starting from the cheapest and most expensive. determine your budget in choosing the product you want. Happy Online Shopping for Indonesian Furniture at Furniture Housing.

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